The Partners


Social Action and Innovation Centre, situated in Athens, is one of the oldest NGOs in Greece, with more than 40 years of experience in supporting vulnerable groups. Alongside with direct provision of Social services, its expertise pertains to design and implementation of impactful social initiatives in the areas of Education, Human Rights, Employment, Care & Wellbeing and to Scientific research and development of know-how in social policy issues, aiming at building resilient communities with equal opportunities for all.

In Youth MythBusters, KMOP is the Coordinator and has the whole responsibility for the effective implementation of the activities. Furthermore, KMOP is responsible for the design and development of the Capacity Building Programme for Young Influencers.


(Center for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental, research and development organization based in Cyprus, with partners around the world. CARDET is one of the leading institutions in the Euro-Mediterranean region for research and development. Our team strives to offer the highest quality services to benefit society. We collaborate with local and international organizations, public and private bodies, and across diverse disciplines in designing solutions for local and global challenges.

CARDET’s mission is to inspire next generation education, and to promote research, innovation, and development through evidence-based practices, cutting-edge research, and empowered people.

CARDET contributes in the implementation of the “Youth Myth Busters” project and supports the dissemination and evaluation processes at all times. In addition, CARDET is responsible for the development and fine- tuning of the e-learning platform of the project.


is a non-profit organization founded to spread European culture in Italy getting closer public agencies, businesses and the third sector to the EU institutions through the development of funded projects. ISES activities consist mainly in the promotion, design and implementation of studies and researches in social and economic areas, including the perspective of young people and NEETs. Deeply inspired by spirit and interdisciplinary approach, the economic and sociological analysis wants to intersect with the legal one and the industrial relations, with a constant attention to the comparative profiles and to the increasingly critical international and European dimension of globalization processes. Civic and political engagement and the fight against fake news, propaganda are in the core of its activities. ISES, with its members, develops projects with high social and cultural values for the territorial growth by participating in EU and national call for proposals.

In Youth MythBusters, ISES will coordinate the dissemination activities and will be responsible for the development of  the “Guide-toolkit on peer-to-peer myth busting action”.


is a migrant youth NGO based in Prague. Founded in 2012, aims to create a space for creative and active young people (16 to 35 years), including vulnerable groups such as those not in education, employment or training, believing youth is key to building future generations. YI aims to establish an inclusive and sustainable future, by strengthening civic and political involvement in the society.

YI strives to educate by giving the opportunity to develop and organize projects, connect with local and international communities, enable valuable volunteer experience in order to get new skills, empower youngsters and give back to society.

CROMO Foundation

was established in 2002 in order to contribute to the local and regional cooperation of non-governmental, business and governmental actors and thus to strengthen a participatory, active and democratic society in Hungary and Europe. We wish to see local organizations well managed and effective; local citizens active and committed to participation; local communities vibrant and sustainable; society inclusive and tolerant. Core values of our organization are credibility, accountability, professionalism and innovation. We believe in active citizenship and local democracy as well as empower youth to mobilize their energy for countries they live.