promoting the civic and political commitment of the latter and fighting false news, manipulation and propaganda


Tailored capacity building programme for young influencers on how to enable their peers (NEETs and other young vulnerable people) in order to increase their civic and political engagement…
This platform serves as e-learning tool for the young influencers and as an online space, where NEETs and other young vulnerable people could communicate with young influencers…
Innovative guide-toolkit for Young Leaders to design and implement youth myth busting actions aiming to promote civic and political engagement of the young vulnerable people, including NEETs…
Comprehensive recommendations papers in national and European level in order to promote civic and political engagement of youth…

YouthMythBusters  (YMB) project aims at promoting the engagement of youth and those at risk of social exclusion (NEETs) in democratic and civic life and to enhance their critical thinking and media literacy in order to strengthen democracy and fight manipulation, propaganda and fake news.

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E Learning Platform

The e-learning platform will serve both as an e-learning tool for the young influencers (including the capacity building programme)…


Project Leaflet

Project Leaflets Project Leaflet CY (PDF File – 752 Kb) Project Leaflet CZ (PDF File – 667 Kb) Project Leaflet EN (PDF File – 1.043

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